Here’s the Plan

Calling all youth and young adults of Waterloo Region!

As I’ve mentioned before, the K-W Collaborative is a group of youth and young adults who gather together for a night of worship and sharing their missional stories.  Some have been asking for some further deatils.  The night will start at 7:00pm at Emmanuel Bible College in the chapel.  Finding Forever ( will be leading us in worship.  We will have two or so youth give a testimony of how God is using them to be a missional presence in their communities and around the world.  We will have another time of worship with Finding Forever and that will be it.  It’s a pretty simple night. It should all be wrapped up by 8:45 or so, but most youth like to hang out and socialize afterwards.

But we do need your help.  First off invite your friends, church, and youth group.  Second we want to know what worship song your church knows and wants to sing.  We can’t guarantee we can do them all, but we want this worship night to be accessible to everyone.  However, do keep an open mind as there will be ample opportunity for everyone to learn a new song or two.  Let us know your songs in the comments section or on our facebook page.


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